Saturday, June 16, 2012

16 weeks and counting....

Oh my goodness. I took the plunge.  I was really tired of waiting to know if I would get into the Nike Women's Marathon via their second chance drawing and I really wanted to start TRAINING!  So what did I do... I found another marathon.  The Lake Tahoe Marathon. I fell in love with the idea of this marathon because it could combine vacation and an awesome view for the entire race.



Then of course I started to think about altitude... their at 6000 ft, I am at sea level.  And then the course.  and the Hill from Hell....  and then I was like!  HEY STOP FREAKING OUT. I am going to go out there and rock it..(rocking it according to me, I do not plan to be Kara Goucher )

In less than sixteen weeks I will be running my first marathon.  Blog post will be up and down.  I am sure.


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