Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Race Report: Mermaid East Bay Run Half Marathon

In summary this race is best done with your running girlfriend to truly get the most amazing and fulfilling experience. If you have a buddy you WILL LOVE it.  You get a really awesome organic shirt, a lovely necklace, breakfast, and fun photo booth along with a flat open course.
{--- My experience ---}

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Fremont when I pulled up to quarry lakes with about 20 minutes before my race.  I was super pumped by all the Beyonce I listened to on my way over the hill from the Santa Cruz mountains to Fremont. 

I was rushing --yes.  No coffee in my system (which I didn't realize until after the race).  And it felt hot as soon as I parked.

The race started…. I was off…

more off than I thought…

Quarry lakes is an amazing water area.  The course was flat!  First part mostly fireroads so soft on the knees.

I quickly approached the first awesome aid station and my miles on my gps and my the mile marker was about a quarter off- not to bad, making good time

By about my three I was noticing how much more spread out I was from everyone else.  I was pretty much running alone.   With a gps tracker that said I had done more miles than I did.

The aid stations where well stocked with water and friendly volunteers.  They where also or fan base.  The course did not have ANY spectators other than the volunteers.  And that one angry guy who wouldn't but his German Shepard on a leash.

It was a long race alone.  Luckily around mile nine I finally broke down and bit in my headphones and listened to Serena Williams Interval Run workout to help me just finish.

And I did.

There was lots of fun activities afterwords with photo booths and breakfast, but no one there to stand in line with me.  This would have been great fun if I wasn't alone (and if it weren't so darn hot).

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