Thursday, March 15, 2012

Santa Cruz Half Marathon is coming up

As I casually mentioned I signed up for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon coming up April 1st.

I recently have been paired up with an amazing new running partner when our mutual friend and running buddy left on maternity leave.  My new running partner is F A S T, strong and always ready for a run. Her upbeat attitude and wonderful stories makes running so much fun.  She is in really good shape, -- I make her talk while we are running uphill. I do a lot of listening.

On one of our runs we got to talking (or should I say she did) about the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. We know a lot of people participating and my running partner was like "so should we do it" ....
hmmmmm I thought about it
"Sure,  but wait" I said "Have you ever done a half marathon"...
"No" she said
"Well, we can totally do it, but we have to do a double digit run at least once"  

I went and googled Half Marathon training in 6 weeks, and what came up...

a math equation... ODD
along with a whole bunch of forums saying you can't train for anything in 6 weeks.  Buh humbug.

We've been training anyway, using this modified plan from Hal Higdon

Fast forward to today, and we are right on track. My running partner has even gone out and done 12 miles on her OWN... she is going to totally smash this race.  I know I will ROCK it too.

Have you ever signed up for a race and not have had "enough time" to train? Do you run long distances on a whim?

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  1. Awesome! Yes, I have run a few half's without enough training. So glad you have such a great running partner:) Good luck!