Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Six Word Essay

The past month a causal workout buddy of mine has been proclaiming "I am the change you seek". Okay, so this is all very profound but what are you saying truly? She told me she had just read an article in O magazine about creating a six word essay that would be your  mantra.  I like that idea. I asked her to bring in the article so I could get help making my six word essay.  Well the article pretty much was a whole bunch of other peoples mantras with a short little blurb crediting Larry Smith for the original idea. Larry Smith was inspired by Earnest Hemingway's shortest story.

I started thinking about what mine word be.  What would my life be summed up in only six words.  My co-workers and I would spout out different ideas and be counting slowing on our hands..."Wait that is five words"  "No that one is to long it is ten words"

Time passed.  Then one day, in the mist of it all, I came up with my essay ....
Everyday joy is what I seek...

then changing it to a more active voice

"I seek out JOY every day."

How would you describe your life, who you are in six words?

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