Friday, February 17, 2012

Race Report: Moms RUN This Town 5k

This Friday seemed like a perfect day to try and do my 5K for Moms RUN This Town & Green Plate Run. I had the option of doing either a 5K, 10K or half marathon. I didn't want to run too far, so I decided to do the 5K-- but I wanted the challenge of finishing sub 30 minutes (which for me is fast).

I prepped by having a healthy dinner the night before (okay maybe not so healthy) of Greek nachos. For breakfast I decided to have some Greek yogurt and oatmeal to have protein and carbs. I was running alone so I decided to make a new running mix called "5K holla".

When my lunch hour came around I was ready - I had a plan- I knew what I needed to do. With my shoes laced, ponytail up, I set out. My first song on my playlist was "party rock anthem" so of course I started out pretty fast. I decided to take the long way to the track to have less of a repetitive course. This worked out pretty well because I was halfway done with my run by the time I hit the track. With just a few laps around the .5 mile track I was done without even checking the time. So how did I do? 29:25!

Totally reached my goal. I must have turned some heads because some runners even said hey too me as I finished!

Did you meet any of your fitness goals this weekend?

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