Thursday, January 26, 2012

Race Report: Toni's 34th Birthday/1st Blogiversary 3.5 Mile Virtual Run

This last Tuesday I decided to run my virtual 3.5 race during my lunch break with my unsuspecting running partner.  It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz, 56 degrees... perfect racing weather, right?  Well sorta .... what I didn't remember was that we were going for hills that day!  

  As you can see we had an elevation gain of 974 feet... that is quite a bit, at one point we opted for  stairs because it was just easier. 

We found some wild life along the way.

and a secret path.....

Along with more stairs....
We weren't back to where we started at 3.5 miles but I managed to capture  my time.

Not the GREATEST time, but hey I got out there on my lunch break and actually ran more than my normal 3 miles with crazy elevation gain.  Hope all of you who participated in Toni's  34th Birthday/1st Blogiversary 3.5  had a great time! I sure did.