Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k Race Report

Baby with bib                                                  Running the Course (photo by Ken Alley)              Baby wanting to run too

After my poor result time with Toni's 3.5 Birthday Run this weekend I wanted to KICK BUTT runnign for Adams's Freeze Your Throns Off 5K.  My race plan this time was different... this time I
  • Ran a flatter course
  • Ran on the weekend
  • Ran while my hubby and baby where waiting for me on the redwood track
  • Ran enjoying the scenery without stopping to take pictures
  • Ran to Black Keys new album (If you haven't heard Lonely Boy Yet, you gotta you tube it!)
  • Ran  hard and fast -- with all my might since baby was waiting for me (having a 15 month old is pretty motivating to get done faster)
The result.... wait for it..... 3.13 miles in 30:37 sec... snappity snap snap. For you guys keeping score at home that is average pace of 9:47 (I am actually getting faster after having a child). 

Thanks Adam for hosting a great virtual run, now how do I get those cool arm warmers ? :)

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