Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 and my 100th post.

Most of my post lately have been my Monday Mediation of inspirational quotes and my Web Wednesday of cool running things I find around the web.  Why you may ask... well mostly because I am a mom of a 15th month old, and when I am not home chasing him I am at work, and when I am not at work I am running... and getting inspired to write my blog.  But translating it to paper  to the web is hard sometimes.

With that said, I would like to write more about my training and my life as a mom runner but I don't want to give myself unrealistic expectations.   SO  I am going to write a more "thoughtful" post when I have something to say and not bore you with all the other stuff. I mean really do you want to know that my little one is currently getting his ninth tooth in.  Sometimes it might just be bragging post like "HEY I JUST DID 10 MILES" (which I did last weekend ;))  or more in depth product reviews, race reports, training updates.

What would you be interested in reading on this blog?

-- changing directions now ----

I've been thinking a lot about 2012. When January 1st came around I had no new years resolutions. Or race plans. I though not committing to anything would be hard for me to keep running on weekends. But to my surprise am still out there going for it.

I get to thinking - is 2012 the Year of the Marathon?

My comeback to running after giving birth was the Nike Women's Half Marathon.  What should my first marathon be? Should I travel some where exotic--Would love to go back to Kauai for my wedding anniversary?  Should I train on my own or do Team in Training.  So many things to think about...

Did you do your first marathon on your own or have a group support out there? Please let me know.

Okay that's all,  GO NINNERS!

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