Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Web Wednesday

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$25 Dollar Safeway Giftcard, and other goodies giveaway 

One More Mile Giveaway Endurance is'nt Only Physical
Ryders Eyewear - I Run Because I Can  
Run Like a Mother Book - Felice happy runner

Calorie counting will get a little easier...
Health Law Requires Chains to Post Calorie Counts
A measure in the new health care legislation will create a national policy modeled on a requirement that has already taken effect in New York City

Numbers are just that numbers!
Nike Running - Training Blog - Tip: Don't Put Too Much Stock in Numbers
In this series of tips, Coach Jay explains why runners must be careful not to put too much importance on numbers when analyzing their training and racing. Yesterday I went for a six-mile run on an out-and-back ...

It's offical my Mom is almost done with the 10k training program I set up for her and now she signed up for the Santa Cruz 10K.  If your in the bay area you should join us!
Santa Cruz Half Marathon and 10k

Totally Random: 
Nothing to do with running but still pretty cool.
Molly the barn owl 

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  1. I would so do the Santa Cruz 10k. I think it might be too much for my schedule right now :(

  2. Aww, that's super cool that your mother is going to do a 10k! Yay for her! Good luck.

  3. Good luck to your mom!!

    Also, you won one of the "On The Go Life" Prize packets on my blog! Congrats! If you can email me your address, I will send it off to you! Thanks!
    runningthroughlife @ gmail