Saturday, March 13, 2010

CPR Saturday

Today I attended a Free CPR certification class offered by Red Cross.    It is a wonderful once a year program where people from all class can take a CPR class for free.  Learning CPR is a simple way to be more prepared for an emergency.

Beyond learning basic CPR, I also learned a lot of good information about the Good Samaritan act.  Many people are afraid to give care because they are afraid of being sued.  But here are a couple of facts that will help protect you for doing the right thing:
  • If you ask them if you can help and they consent.  If they are unconscious it is implied consent
  • Do not do more than you are "trained" to do.  For example you can perform CPR but not open heart surgery
  • Once you start to give care you can not stop giving care until professional help arrives.
Read more about the Good Samaritan Act here.

The CPR training I received was very informative.  Beyond the basic 30 chest compressions and the 2 breaths there is a whole order of how you should respond in an emergency.

Check - Check the area, make sure it is safe for you
Call - Call 911 
Care - ABC -- Check the airway, is there breathing,  check for blood.  If not breathing then perform CPR!
Check out all the steps of CPR on American Red Crosses website:  Click on the link that says Be Informed.


  1. I have been seriously thinking about taking a refresher CPR class...way overdue. Thanks so much for this information and for the inspiration to look for a class in my area!

    Too strange - my word verification is "suing" :)

  2. that is great that you took advantage of this free course. I think it is very important to have. Thankfully, I have never been in a situation where I needed to use CPR, but I feel comfortable if I need too.

  3. I took my refresher cpr class a few months ago and definitely came out of the class feeling like it's so worth the time and money. everyone should take it;-)

  4. Awesome Becca, I took CPR classes some years ago, I might be due for some refresher's course now. Thanks for those little tips - I forgot all about them already :-)

  5. I had a CPR course recently, but I'm hoping to remember to do a refresher each year. I also need to take a first aid class with the red cross.

  6. That's such a good idea. I haven't done that since high school.