Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slippery When Wet.

The Central Coast has been hit by a lot of rain, I mean a lot --35 inches so far.  So the fact that I got outside this week and got in 22 miles feels pretty good.  I had a couple of times when had very slippery footing.  Note to self do not run on road painted lines or on leaves. I realized  this week that I am 10 weeks away from the Santa Cruz Half Marathon.  Yay and Yikes at the same time.  I want to do this Half not as a competitive race but a way to get ready for my first marathon.

Today I did 6.23 miles.   I went on the trails, and then to a Pipe Line trail that had an evaluation gain off about 400 feet in a quarter mile.  Insane!  And yes I had to walk some of it.   But I guess I have something to look forward to for next time. Of course the view at the top was wonderful!

Do you have any good 10 week training  plans for a half marathon?


  1. Good job getting out there and getting your runs in Becca! You will be ready for your half marathon:) If my hip heals I will be running Sunday in a problem is that I should of trained longer:)

  2. Amazing job on getting the runs in Becca, wow! I'm thinking a half-marathon will be a breeze :)

  3. Great job on the run!

    And I was following the 1/2 training plan. It has an easy progression, but doesn't have cross training days (just rest days) so I'm thinking I'll pick a new plan next time.

  4. Glad you got in a few runs amidst a week of rain! What marathon have you decided on?

  5. I have been following the Runners World SMART Coach training plan for a half marathon. You just key in how many weeks you have available to train and a recent race time you have achieved and hey presto a personal training plan