Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day Virtual 10k Race Bib!

As I promised here is your Valentines 10K race bib.  Click on the image to view it bigger, press print. Show some running love an get on the road with your race bib!

Here is a link to a PDF.


  1. Aw, I want a bib...I'm not running the virtual 10K because I have a 7K planned for Sunday...but I also have a 3K planned for Saturday, so I'll be doing 10K on the weekend. I just may wear that bib :)

    BTW, I look forward to the reading the article about the Empire building steps...thanks!

  2. Anne you are doing so good at your training!

  3. Becca, this is great motivation for me today. If it wasn't for your 10k race I would be in bed with my cold and stuffed up head!! I am going to do my best and report later. Happy Valentine's Day!! I love my bib...

  4. Yay! Get out there and love your heart!