Friday, January 1, 2010

Your Best Running Year in 2010! Start planning.

In this time of resolution and reflection it is time to plan your game plan for running in 2010. Runner's World January issue Marc Bloom tells us how to have "Your Best Year Ever".

Marc explains "Most runners know that it's good for the body and mind to mix up their scheule, but it's to easy to fall into the routine of singing up for your favorite events... Doing so, however can limit both how well your run and how much you enjoy it."

Take his suggested of planning different advetures here is a prospective training plan for 2010!

Your Best Year Ever Training Plan*:
1. Off-Road Adventure
January / February
Running in local state/county parks
2. 5k
St. Patrick's Day 5K SF
3. 10K
Santa Cruz Half Marathon and 10k
4. Track Mile
Soquel Track, Santa Cruz CA with Santa Cruz Track Club
5. Road Relay
Cascade Lakes Relay
6. Trail Race
Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Run 10K Pacific Coast Trail Running
7. Half Marathon
Nike Women's 1/2 & Marathon
8. Marathon
Ing NYC Marathon

* Some of these are dream world races!

To read more check out the article at Runners World.


  1. Thanks for stopping at my blog! It looks like you've got a great 2010 planned (even if some are dream world races). You have to dream if you are ever going to succeed.