Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Treadmills and Hope For Haiti Now

Today I had to do the treadmill.  The horizontal rain just, well, didn't seem appealing.  I know I was all proud of myself for running in the rain last week, but not today.  So my running partner and I tried to make the inside a little more fun.  We did two types of intervals tempo and hill climbs.
It went like this:
5 Min Warm Up
1st SET=  20 secs Tempo at RPE of 6  → 40 secs recovery → 20 secs Hill Climb i(incline of 5) RPE of 6 → 40 sec recovery
2nd SET= 30 sec Tempo  at RPE of 6 →1 min recovery → 30 sec hill climb RPE of 6 →1 min recovery
3rd SET= 15 secs Tempo at RPE 7→15 sec RPE 8 →1 min recovery 15secs hill climb  RPE 7 → 15 secs hill climb RPE 8→ 1min recovery
4th Set (I call this the all out set)= 15 secs Tempo at RPE 6→ 15 secs Tempo at RPE 8→ 15 secs Tempo at RPE 10 → 1:30min recovery  → 15 secs Hill at RPE 6 →  15 secs Hill at RPE 8 → 15 secs Hill at RPE 10 → 1:30 min recovery
Since I scared my workout buddy with the 4th set, she really thought I was going to fall.  Note to self the treadmill gains speed really fast! We finished up with 10 min Steady Jog and then 2 :30 Cool down.  Not to shabby for 30mins. 
*RPE, Rating of Perceived Exertion  1 being as easy as sitting on the couch 10 being making a couch.

 This weekend my hubby got me the CD "Hope For Haiti Now".  Not only is there some awesome artist including, U2, Sting, and Mary J. Blige but also 100% of the proceeded go toward helping the people of Haiti.  Download your copy for $10 at itunes.com/haiti (this will open your itunes).  Not to bad for an awesome CD.  My favorite song is "Like a Prayer"  the way it is sung with the choir in the background is beyond amazing.


  1. Hi Becca,
    Oh the joy of the treadmill workout...it is better than nothing and beats pouring down rain:) Great video, it looks like Madonna still has it:) The CD appears to have plenty of great artists!

  2. Great job on the treadmill workout!!

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  4. The treadmill can be tricky, when you're working out in a non-traditional way...hit the wrong button, and zoom! You're off to the races...