Monday, January 25, 2010

Tips for Running at Lunch

I am honored because I just got the most surprising phone call from my sister.  She asked for my advice about running at lunch.  The reason why I am honored is because she was always the athletic one -- she had her varsity jacket for her great work on the high school cross country team. Of course that was a while for both of us. Sarah is now returning to running as a mom.  (Beautiful pictures of my nephew here). 

So I gave her these tips for running at lunch....
  • Hydrate before you go out. 
  • Eat an apple or simple carbs 15 mins before your run
  • Think about where you want to run
  • Have a watch, set a timer to remind you to get back into the office on time
  • Bring your running shoes and weeks worth of workout clothes in on Monday, have them in your office if you have space. 
  • Give yourself enough time to do a 5 min cooldown outside.  You need to stop sweating before you go back inside.
  • Have a hand towel to dry off
  • Have a change of undies
  • Be nice to yourself out there (This is important for people just coming back to running)
  • Find a running partner- someone who will hold you responsible

Do you have any helpful tips?  Especially those of you who are moms!


  1. Dont forget the hair bands and lots of them. I also like to have a hat or two, since it rains a lot here, saves me from the drowned rat look.

  2. Those are all really good tips:) I wish that I could run on my such luck! Have a great day!

  3. Change of undies is key! I also found having baby powder or cornstarch to put on your sweaty parts after the run helps soak up the sweat and makes you feel clean.

    Happy to have found your blog via. facebook. I also have a blog but it anonymous and I dont' update it much anymore.