Saturday, January 23, 2010

Race Report: Running After Violet Virtual 10k

What is the best part of running a virtual 10k? For me it is going out for a run after you've had a your morning routine. Ken and I didn't get out of the house tell about 11. Part of the reason was because, well, I wanted to make my own racing bib-- isn't it cute :).  I choose the number thirteen since I was the thirteenth person to sign up.

So we left the cloudy Santa Cruz Mountains, and the muddy trails to enjoy West Cliff in Santa Cruz.  Goodness was it lovely.  Sun was out, and so where the people, puppies and bikes.  I think every also had the same idea.  Gotta love vitamin D (through the sunscreen of course).

For the course:  Start behind Natural Bridges State Park, up Swanton Ave then left on West Cliff. I went on West Cliff to the Light House.  I was going to go all the way to the Wharf but there was a long board surfing event going on.  We turned around.

There was a lot of weaving in and out.  Guess that is called cross training. 

Made it back to where we parked, the ipod said I still had 2km to go.  So up a small hill grade on Delware Ave toward Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab- saw some awesome Red-Tailed Hawks playing (mating) in the sky. By the point I got to the first building in the complex I was pretty much tired and ready to be done. I made the decsion to start heading back towards the truck for a strong finish. 
End result:
10k at 1:01:46 -- hey, that is pretty fast for me :) Yay.

I love this idea of a virtual 10K, I think I will have to host my own.

How did your run go today?

More Race Photos:
custom workout, that way I can get the proper distance Rain after my 10k


  1. Love the race report and the pics are awesome! Glad you had a great run! What a good time, too!

  2. Great race your bib :)

  3. Great blog! I loved the custom-made bib - so cute! I envy you for living in Santa Cruz!!! Running outside on frozen Canada is far less exciting.

  4. Lots of creativity going on here - great photos and is that the 1st ever Running after Violet 10k ? Will this become an annual event !

    Regards Paul

  5. Hi Becca,
    Thank you so much for your well wishes on my first half, I appreciate it! Wow, you have a lovely place to run! I am a little jealous:) Good job on your virtual run and I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  6. What a run you put together--and in January, no less! The race bib really separated you from the tourists out for a job--quite the racer you are, when you hit the pavement! Thanks for sharing!

  7. LOVE LOVE the pictures. I love Virtual races.. Hoping to put one on someday soon..