Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Free Stuff From Nike+

Over at I found a couple of items that might help and/or inspire you on your next run--or while you are daydreaming at your work desk :) Not that I would be  daydreaming about being out on the trail while I am stuck behind a computer.

First, stop by the sports music area to get some free music:
Cold War Kids have an awesome warm up track called Audience of One.
Slow and melodic, but it is free so go get yours!

Then there is also the training tips in their training blog.  I really like their post "Tip: The Next Logical Step" basically talks about how it is a great time to plan some new goals for your running!  -- I gotta research how to be faster!  I want to do a 5k in 25mins.

And the best item I found while surfing around the internet was the strength-training videos and downloadable PDFs to help you get even stronger.   

Okay, enough writing for now--time to set out my running clothes for tomorrow :)

PS  If you are on nike+ friend me :)

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