Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look what came in the mail! And 10 things about me.

Look what I got in the mail today!  Yay!  Just pretty much read the whole issue in one sitting, expect of course the Kara article so I can save that for tonight before bed.

I was tagged by Anne to list 10 things that make me happy here they go:
  1. My Family, I am truly blessed with have a wonderful and supportive husband, along with the most amazing mom and dad.  My sister, my brother-in-law and little nephew make my day every time I talk to to them.
  2.  Kisses on my forehead before heading out to work.
  3. My hubby's uncanny ability to make me laugh.
  4. Smell of new rain hitting pavement.
  5. Baking crazy yummy sweets/eating homemade icecream.
  6. Making art, I went to school for photography, I should do it more.
  7. Working on our house, making this fixer uper, just more homey.
  8. Hanging out with Friends, talking for hours.
  9. Traveling -- of course with loved ones, I STILL need to get over to Italy, and take Ken to England.
  10. Of course going for a long run on the trails with my friends or just with Nature.


    1. I need to go look for the magazine:) Great list, I love everything that you listed!

    2. Great list Becca! :) ...I've subscribed to Canadian Runner, but now I'm really thinking I should also subscribe to Runners World.

    3. I read the through the whole thing at the gym today, it was a really good issue. Great list. :)

    4. I just subscribed to that magazine! I'm excited to get my first issue :-)