Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye January, Hello February

How has a month of this new year have already gone by?
This past month I have ran 69.35.  I wasn't able to get any long runs in this week, but still this is pretty good mileage for me.  This is pretty good for my mileage for running a 1000 Miles this year with Tall Mom, but not as good as some people in the group!  Way to go Mel with 113.75 miles already --and Jill from runwithjill is at 189.46 :) Wow!!!!

I am 67.22  miles away from meeting 1000 miles on my nikeplus.  That means I am right on track to meet my New Year resolutions of reaching "the 1000 mile run mark by March 2010"

As for my other goals I am working on them slowly.  I need to come up with a plan of action for running a 25 min 5K.   Currently I am going to the gym and actually lifting weights to get stronger (actually is in italics because normal I just look at the weights and god straight to the cardio machine).

My mother has officially signed up for a parks and recs class geared toward helping her cross the finish line of the Santa Cruz 10K this April.  Along with the training program I gave her I think she will totally rock the race!

My goal of to "Give back to the running community through volunteering" is in the works with an after school running program that I am a co-founder of.  Will have more information in an up coming post :) We start in Mach.

How are your New Years resolutions going? 
Any other goals that you completed or are working on that you would like to share? 

Stay tune this week for details about a Valentines Day Virtual 10k that I will be hosting.


  1. Hi Becca,
    Good job on the miles for January!! God bless volunteers and how wonderful that you are a co-founder:) Happy Monday!!

  2. I also go straight to cardio at the gym :P Luckily the 24 Hour closest to my house is circuit training so I'm forced to lift. I did 82 miles this past month! I was ramping up for the half-marathon this Sunday. Wish me luck :)


    P.S. I'd love to improve my 5k time too. Let me know what your plan of action is. My best time is almost 31 minutes so I have a ways to go. Are you aiming for a particular 5K? I'm thinking the St. Patrick's Day one at

  3. Well done on your miles I am sure these miles in the bank will pay off when you race. I am adding some core training to my weekly routine by following the One Hundred Push Ups Programme

  4. Congrats on clocking so many miles!

    And how fun that your mom is a runner too. Signing up for a parks and rec class sounds like a great way to stay motivated.

  5. GOOD WORK and thank you for the link. I am in Marathon training mode so the miles add up pretty quickly.. 25 minute 5K is totally doable.. find a pacer :)