Friday, January 8, 2010

Deciede that this year I am going run 1000 miles!

Okay, I did, it took the plunge.  I gave myself the challenge of running 1000+ Miles this year.  Luckly I am not doing it alone.

Mel over at is going to help me and 63 other runners along the way. 

Not over am I look forward to being able to say that I have ran 1000 miles (still working towards that goal) I am eager to say that I ran an additional 1000 this year.  By giving myself this goal it will be over double the amount of miles I have ran since two years.  Yay!!! Being in a group of  65 runners, I hope that I will have alot of running support.  Mel is promising some great prizes, she says "Make it to your goal by January 1, 2011 and you will be HANDSOMELY rewarded.. Prizes and sponsor information coming SOON, I have a whole year to get this ready so you know it will be BIG."

You can join me and her and all the others by signing up here.


  1. Welcome to the group! I can't wait to hit my 1000 mile goal!

  2. Yay 1000+ miles! What marathon are you hoping to do this year?

  3. I am not sure yet! Hopefully the Nike Womens, but I am looking for a sooner one. What about you?