Friday, January 15, 2010

Cross training! Today's routine at the gym.

The running articles I have read about starting training for a marathon or increasing mileage is to the runner needs to strength train.  The main reason is the more stress you put on the body the more you need your muscles to hold up.  Even Kara Goucher agrees.  In her article with the New York Times she says:
"In my running I’ve incorporated a lot more weight lifting and drills that give my body overall more athleticism. I think that helps prevent injuries. If you only have 30 minutes to work out, sometimes it’s more important to run 20 minutes and take 10 minutes to stretch and do weights and build your overall athleticism. I think that will keep you healthy."
Okay Kara!  I hear you.  Today I weight trained.  It is so different for me.  I just get a little intimated.  This strength train circuit took me about an hour, and it went by fast since I had my great running buddy there with me.

Warm Up - Ran 1 mile around the track
Did the follow set 3x 15 of each
Plank with a balance ball
1 leg Balance on the Bosu ball - both sides

Then we did a 7 min bike ride
2xs 12 of each
Triceps push ups on the ball
 Single leg squats on each side
V on Bosu ball

Cool downed with some stretches and a walk back to the office  :)

How do you incorporated weight training?

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