Thursday, January 21, 2010

4.36 Running In the Rain

Today I ran 4.36 miles in the rain. Wow! Do I feel hard core. Of course I probably wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for my two running buddies. It is silly-I know-but somehow the idea of running in the rain sounded absolutely amazing. Before this thought wouldn't even come into my mind. Not only did we get a killer run, we also ran in the rain. The rain!!   Tee hee!

What helped was having both my ear warmers and my hat.  But if it stays this cold and wet I think I need to actually buy some running tights.  Anyone have any thoughts on good running tights?  You would think by the coast it would never get colder than 50 degrees.

What do you find helps you brave the winter weather?


  1. I love running tights, will wear them all seasons.

    So for cooking my goal is to cook one NEW recipe every month for my family. I guess desserts count too..

    We dont get really wintery weather.. my training plan always makes me more BRAVE..

  2. Wow! You totally rock...running in the rain has got to be a great training strategy :)

  3. I have this running tights that I got from Nike and I actually use them during winter/rainy seasons only. It's thick, stretchy, and Dri Fit. It doesn't have that think velvetty fabric inside but thick enough to keep my legs warm. They even have the length just right for our height ;)

    Oh and I also have a Serena Williams' vest that has pocket in the back and'll help shield the rain and not wet your tops wet easily. I actually have 3 of them (2 grays and 1 green, I've only used 2 of them...if you like, I could send you the other one. I removed the tag already but I haven't worn it yet. Let me know so I'll mail them to you, it should be there with the next day.

    Happy wet running Becca... it's slippery out there so just be safe.

  4. Just found your blog and wanted to say how much I like your photos you have used for your header and the one on the side especially below about this blog. Looks as if you run in some great trails.

    Like you over here in England we have had a wet day and this has followed 2 weeks of snow and ice.

    How I cope is to wear layers, trackster tights gloves and hat and to be honest after a mile or so I am warm.

    I found the mental thing of putting that first foot out of the door the hardest thing but once I return it is usually with a glow.They also do some great hand warmers at the shop Fat Face.



  5. Hi! Congrats again!

    I like wearing thin running tights under running pants when it is really chilly.